I found My great great great great great grandmother Rebecca Na Ka Ta Di Hi Morris’s gravestone in a tiny overgrown cemetery in the middle of a cow pasture in Stilwell Oklahoma. She was born in 1793 in North Carolina and lived to be 92 years old. #cherokee #history

#titosays this thing is mine. no computer for you. how about make my dinner instead.

alix spiegel and @jgoldstein inaugurate stripes day @npr. #nprlife @babesofnpr

A frozen March on Bearcamp River swamp, Center Sandwich, NH

The view from center sandwich new hampshire: a ‘glacial erratic’ left by the mile-thick glacier that covered this place 10,000 years ago.


Endangered Species Condoms!

I like these endangered species condom wrappers, produced by the Center For Biological Diversity — and not just because they taught me how to correctly pronounce snowy plover, or because I often think about the hellbender when I’m feeling tender.  They make an important point about the link between human population growth and the dramatic population decline of other species.

The wrappers were designed by Lori Lieber and the artwork was created by Roger Peet. Don’t share these images without acknowledging them!

the zen of things

Bearskin drying on an old barn. Center Sandwich, NH. Poor bear.

Another of my favorite places. Center Sandwich, NH. #latergram #fall #colors #moon #moonrise

This little girl would not let me take her picture until I let her take mine. Between my SLR and my iPhone, she took about 400. #behindthelens @johnwpoole / NPR